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We’re our partner’s biggest fans. Check out some of the cool digital products we’ve built together!

Instant brand detective! Harnessing the power of AI and Machine Learning, this App was designed to effortlessly identify brands from any image with just a snap.

Turning snapshots into a shopping guide, makes every picture a discovery!

Step into the world of adventure with LFG! This App claims to be your passport to break free from the routine, sparking your curiosity to explore.

LFG nudges you out of your comfort zone, connecting you with exciting events, activities, and experiences around you. Get moving, start living with LFG - your companion to rediscover the world outside!

Transforming retail intelligence! We leveraged cutting-edge Machine Learning to convert ordinary CCTV footage into actionable insights. The versatile system thrives on edge devices like Jetson Nano and is robust enough to handle multiple streams on a GPU server.

Discover the power of footfall counting, dwell time analysis, heatmap generation, and nuanced demographics including age, gender, and emotions. We're turning data into the next big thing in retail evolution!

A digital boutique for exquisite jewelry! Unique and secure e-commerce platform, you can browse, select, and purchase stunning pieces with a simple click.

Register, login, and indulge in seamless online shopping - from picking your favorite designs to effortless checkout via our integrated payment gateway.

An intelligent crime-fighting ally! Harnessing the power of Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), the solution works relentlessly to maintain peace and safety.

It's our client's high-tech sentinel, keeping an eye on everything from local disturbances to national threats. We're turning the tide against crime, one plate at a time!

Our team collaborated with an in-house developer to design and program a dual-mode app. This application allows workers to view their stats on leaderboards and enables foremen to assign tasks and track project progress, quality, and worker skills.

It provides a comprehensive overview of project progress per scope and worker. The app ensures data persistence, user authentication, and analytics through Google Firebase.

Lifestyle & Dating

Sophistication meets simplicity by design with ForeveRx, an app offering carefully curated matchmaking for healthcare professionals. The app is now available for both iOS and Android via freemium subscription.

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Health & Wellness

The promise of the Overcoming MS app means a more interactive, easier way for their global community to access proven methods for living a healthy lifestyle with MS — from managing diet and exercise, to supplements, medicines, even meditation.

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Health/ Wellness & Retail

A beloved American lifestyle brand, LA Gear wanted a dance-workout app to bring their retro-inspired shoes and apparel to a new generation. Together, we’ve also re-designed their eCommerce platform.

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Geolocation Tracking

Mister Softee is the largest and most recognizable ice cream truck brand in the world. And now, they have a powerful mobile app that lets their hundreds of thousands of customers know, in real-time, where the closest truck is to them.

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Health & Fitness

The Slay app gives the Mari Fitness community a new way to slay their fitness journey. With access to exercise, nutrition guides and videos, this subscription app is designed for high user engagement for a popular fitness brand.

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Retail & Pet Care

Retail platform offering recommendations based on reviews and rewards on high-quality pet products. Alpha Paw is focused on pet owners with their new app, providing educational resources on pet care and training alongside available pet products.

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Nightingale provides nurses with the tools they need to coordinate care more efficiently and achieve better outcomes for their patients.

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A responsive web app built to streamline tax filing for the citizens of the City of Springboro, Ohio, taking the stress out of tax season and easing administrative burden for local city officials.

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EV Charging

After closing a million dollar deal with the Sharks, SparkCharge was looking for a companion app for the world’s first on-demand portable EV charging service. Meet Currently, the app making waves in the EV industry and improving green tech accessibility–one charge at a time.

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Pet Care/ Retail

With over 99 retail locations across 23 different states, Petland wanted to create a mobile one-stop-shop for their loyal customers to assist them every step of the way on their new pet parenthood journey. MyClubPet provides easy access to pet resources like care, training and supplies.

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An powerful app providing affordable talk therapy with video chat, messaging and scheduling capabilities.

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