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Use Cases

We’re our partner’s biggest fans. Check out some of the cool digital products we’ve built together!

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Use cases

We’re our partner’s biggest fans. Check out some of the cool digital products we’ve built together!

Occupancy Monitoring

A nightclub owner’s biggest worry is compliance with safety regulations - and that means getting accurate headcounts of everyone entering and exiting the premises. The staff used manual clickers to manually count capacity - something that requires extra effort and often not done precisely because there are so many other critical security operations.

Our visual recognition software was implemented without any hardware upgrades - and now delivers 99% accuracy in monitoring capacity.

Perimeter Surveillance Watchdog

Overseeing a 75-acre farm that is mostly ungated is a great security challenge. Intruders often sneak in to steal livestock, and sometimes the animals find ways to exit the property.

The solution: AnalytiCam software stationed on 3 cameras overlooking the property, and one of them for a particular area with their most valuable animals. The farm owners get real-time alerts of human intruders, but also when animals start moving out of their designated areas.

Invoice Tracker Pro

nvoice processing is prone to a lot of human errors - and also takes a great deal of time having to manually fill in data, then sort and track. Using Optical Character Recognition (OCR), we have automated error checks and the highlighting of missing information.

With a single click, our solution inputs the appropriate data, and then classifies and tracks your invoices. Manage your invoices automatically while minimizing errors and boosting productivity!

Staff Attendance

When a company has many employees, attendance tracking can get out of hand. Using facial recognition, this app easily monitors your staff’s shift time with just a glance!

Automate timekeeping, maintain historical records, and keep staff management effortless!

Parking Management

Large scale parking garages face a lot of challenges with stolen and unauthorized vehicles entering. Using Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology, this all-in-one app effortlessly identifies and logs vehicle license plates in an instant!

Security can act much more efficiently to ticket, tow, or report vehicles entering their premises.

Instant brand detective!

Instant brand detective! Harnessing the power of AI and Machine Learning, this App was designed to effortlessly identify brands from any image with just a snap.

Turning snapshots into a shopping guide, makes every picture a discovery!

AI Doctor of Radiology

We all know just how many millions of patients globally need medical diagnoses - but only very few doctors are trained to look at things like MRIs, X-rays, Ultrasounds etc. for accurate diagnoses. This means diagnoses and treatments can take much longer than a patient has to live.

Doctor fatigue often leads to overlooking key indicators of sickness - leading to delays in diagnosis and treatment. By leveraging AI and advanced algorithms, our game-changing solution analyzes medical images quickly and accurately, identifying abnormalities with high precision, improving the lives of many patients, and making care more affordable!

Transforming retail intelligence!

We leveraged cutting-edge Machine Learning to convert ordinary CCTV footage into actionable insights. The versatile system thrives on edge devices like Jetson Nano and is robust enough to handle multiple streams on a GPU server.

Discover the power of footfall counting, dwell time analysis, heatmap generation, and nuanced demographics including age, gender, and emotions.  We're turning data into the next big thing in retail evolution!


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